In 2001 during a high shcool Art II class... I had an epiphany. And what was that epiphany you ask... why it was a painting of Homer Simpson chasing a giant hot dog! Voilà! This delicious masterpiece has existed for nearly 20 years, but was grievously lost to the world until it's recent (and miraculous) rediscovery in my parent's attic over the holidays! This profoundly emotional painting perfectly encapulates how I feel in life, that in fact... we ALL have a giant hot dog that we are chasing after.


Yep... deep.

"The Chase" by DimTillard

  • This very standard 11" X 14" Scholastic Artist Canvas Board was magically turned into a not so standard work of art by me... Tim Dillard. It recieved a high grade if I remmeber, but the glue from the teacher's sticker with the actual grade on it has evaporated over time... and now all you are left with is my word.  But I believe I got a 99 on it... because the teacher believed, "no art is a 100" ... or something similar to that.  Oh yeah, this mona lisa-esque painting comes with a signature and maybe a baseball card if I can remember.

  • But it's literally me putting it into the mail... so you'll get it when I have time.

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