Glue dots.

Old movie stubs.

Random collagedness.

Discounted Target frame.

Equals...... ART!


This one-of-a-kind treasure won't be available to purchase for long... because I'll eventually be embarressed to be selling it, and will quickly remove it from the Buy My Crap store.  So make the decision now to add this garage-bound masterpiece to your exquite collection!

"My Movie Stubs" by DimTillard

  • Yep you guessed it... theres not another one of these in the known or unknown universe!  Rarest of rare.  Made in 2013 as a celebration to my 10th season in professional baseball.  These ticket stubs are from those 10 years, and comes with a signature and my personal assurance that it's real, pointless, and SPECTACULAR!

    Frame is 18.5" X 24.5" clear out the BEST spot on your wall!

  • But it's literally me putting it into the mail... so you'll get it when I have time.

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