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Dim's Top 7...

Most Watched VHS Tapes

Most of my 1994

was spent looking

for opportunities to

use phrases like,

"Careful honey, that

pony had a lot of

water." and "It was

a run by fruiting!"

At eleven years old

I didn't get all the

jokes... so it kept

getting funnier the

older I got. I miss

Robin Williams.

#6 Mrs. Doubtfire

A bunch of kids

taking on a


agency to help

an unathletic

space alien call

his house? I'm in!

This movie is

chocked full of

iconic scenes,

and is probably where

my fascination with

Reese's Pieces began.

#7 E.T.

Bob Uecker plus

sports bloopers

equals... one of

the best combos

in all of sports!

At a young age I

would turn the

volume down and

commentate right

along with Mr. Baseball

himself... what an icon! 

#5 Bob Uecker's

Wacky World of Sports

How awesome is

this movie? I

mean obviously

it's a unique

story, but for me

the advancement

in technology to

accomplish this

in 1995 was

astonishing! And

besides neighbor kid Sid

being  undoubtedly scarred

for life... this movie was a

game changer.


#4 Toy Story

"Kids today are

amazing. I played

winter ball down

in Venezuela,

and they had kids

half his age,

every one of them

speaking Spanish

and that's a hard

language." Easily

one of the most underrated

baseball movies of all time.

#3 Little Big League

I don't know how

the giant white

plastic VHS case

ended up in my

possession, but

I watched it so

much... I could

act out entire

scenes! Most of

1993 was devoted

to rewinding and

fixing the tracking

on this movie. "Jafar Jafar he's

our man if he can't do it GREAT!"

#2 Aladdin

#1 Star Wars

Of course Star

Wars is #1! As a

kid I knew every

word, every

scene, every

sound, every look,

every music note.

Not much has

changed other

than I don't have

to highjack the

family TV to get my daily dose of

Star Wars. This was the first VHS

I ever watched... and honestly it

doesn't get much better than Han shooting first. I was fascinated

with the costumes, special FX,

and the space ships. I've seen

Han Solo's original blaster in real

life... and it's a crappy piece of

wood, poorly carved and poorly

painted. Truly movie magic!


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